Consider this…

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.. that the system you are using is getting you the results for which it’s perfectly designed.  Think about it.

Organizations develop over time, changing and evolving and, as a result, constantly changing their internal systems – how they operate, how they behave, and how they create profits and other results.  All these systems were also, at the time, perfectly designed; that’s what we do when we create a system.  We design these systems to perfectly produce results we had in mind at the time.

As organizations change, however, many of the systems remain in place, thus guaranteeing you get the results for which they were designed; not the results you now desire.  Sounds like the famous quote: “insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results” (Typically misattributed to Einstein but likely originating in 1981 within a Narcotics Anonymous organization as “Insanity is repeating the same mistakes and expecting different results.).

You tweak this system.  You replace that one.  You hire, fire and move people around.  You automate that system and outsource another one.  And, so on and on we go, all in an attempt to get different results.  Reading it like that sounds a bit insane, doesn’t it?

Yet, you tenaciously hold on to what you’ve created and, still, expect something else.

Not getting the results you want?  Change the system.  Much in the same way that Apple and Samsung ask you to update/change their respective device’s operating system so that everything (e.g., the apps) are current, so should your organization.  EOS, Entrepreneurial Operating System, is such a system; an operating system for your organization.  And, it is perfectly designed to get the results you want where the vision is known to all, where there is real discipline and accountability to working on attaining the vision and where the organization is healthy, because, too often, organizations aren’t.

Consider this … not getting the results you want; stop expecting a miracle, change the system.  Look to EOS as the one operating system.  It works.

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