Benefits of Listening Emphatically

David Norman | | Entrepreneur Growth

There are many benefits that truly listening can bring to you as a leader and your employees (not to mention those around you). Most of which I assume, any leader would want to see in their place of employment. Let’s start by looking at some of the more obvious ones.

Respect. Leaders who understand that giving others their undivided attention gain the respect and the loyalty of those who work with them. This also creates a positive working environment when the relationships are collegial rather than hierarchical and can often translate into more dedicated team members, a better work product, and achieving collective goals more quickly.

Better Communication. Listening emphatically is the foundation of solid communication. Those who adhere to the simple tactics of eliminating distractions, asking questions, and creating a thoughtful listening experience reap the rewards. Genuine communication results in the building of better relationships.

Developing Skills in Your People. After a productive listening session, people become more engaged in the workplace and the tasks at hand. They have developed more effective communication skills, which they will take with them to their own staff. If you’re not listening, how can you develop your people?

You May Come Up with a Better Idea Together. When two people work together and listen effectively, the ideas that can result will be honed through the process of probing for good answers, hearing what the other person is truly saying, and solid comprehension of the messages that each are sending. The shared conversation may result in more creative thinking to collectively solve problems.

Take the Frustrations out of the Conversation. So often, emotion is the culprit of miscommunication.  Frustration abounds when one person or the other does not feel he or she is being heard. By removing this barrier, logic instead of emotion is leading the conversation – which is a much better place to be in.

Deeper and Improved Understanding. Listening emphatically will lead to a deeper way of learning and clarifying the issues at hand. One of the best techniques that can lead to this type of improved understanding is persistent listening. What is persistent listening? Ask questions until the heart of the matter is settled and clear.





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