Consulting Services

Financial Consulting Services

  • Costing, including Activity Based Costing
    Services designed to help you understand the true costs of providing products or services and the costs of internal efforts (activities) associated with the work you do
  • Business Valuations
    Services designed to help you understand the true value of a business, or an identifiable segment
  • Product/Product-line Profitability Analysis
    Services designed to calculate the absolute and relative profitability a product or service, or product/service line in order to determine its contribution to overall profits.
  • Profit Enhancement Programs
    Services directed toward analyzing current operations and developing a proactive, task-specific plan to improve profits.
  • Incentive and Bonus Plans
    Services which include the design and implementation of compensation plans which tie financial rewards/compensation to the attainment of goals and objectives, improvements in productivity, or cost savings.

Operational Consulting Services

  • Operational Review
    An independent, third party review of the efficiency and effectiveness of an organization, or function within an organization
  • Productivity Improvement Plans
    Services directed at developing plans to improve productivity and reduce staffing requirements
  • Clarification of Roles and Responsibilities
    Services which help you improve your management effectiveness, accommodated change faster, and improve teamwork and coordination
  • Facilitation of Group and Creative Problem Solving
    A facilitated process directed at improving communication, resolving underlying issues, and developing a task-specific action plan for change
  • Marketing Plans
    Development and/or refinement of marketing plans to ensure that target markets and goals are reached
  • Direct Mail Campaigns
    Creation and implementation assistance for cost-effective, targeted direct mail campaigns
  • Major Account Planning and Aquisition
    Training of key management and staff and development of a plan to seek and acquire major accounts and maintain a high level of customer service

General Management Consulting Services

  • Organizational Design and Structure
    Services designed to help your organization get the most of out its people and their strengths
  • Strategic and Long-range Planning
    Services that enable you and your key management to develop a workable, action-specific long-range plan
  • Operational, Short-term Planning
    Services that enable you and your key management to develop a workable, action-specific short-range, typically one year, plan
  • Business Succession Planning
    Services that help you transition the organization from one generation to another in a planned, controlled manner
  • Facilitation
    Third party, experienced facilitation of planning or creative-problem solving sessions directed at developing concensus

Vistage Charlotte Services

Executive Peer Group Meetings

As a member of David Norman’s Vistage Group, you will be invited to monthly member meetings where you can discuss relevant issues you’re facing in both your business and personal life. Fellow CEOs who are experiencing similar situations, or who have experienced those issues provide support and feedback within this safe haven. David acts as a neutral trained facilitator and the issues that are brought forward become teaching and learning points for everyone around the table.

Often the overriding issue that CEO’s face is the issue of isolation. Business owners are never alone during their daily business routines, but they are often lonely. Any CEO is constantly answering someone else’s questions, listening to managers who are trying to keep the projects on track or engaging in professional development for their senior leaders. But what happens when it is the CEO who is experiencing a business challenge? They may be uncomfortable going to a staff member or offloading on their spouse or a buddy on the golf course.

To be able to join once a month with like-minded peers who have “been there, done that”, offers members honest input and a problem solving forum. In the peer group, the executive gets to have his or her answers, questioned. “I got this question today and this is how I dealt with it...what do you think?” Because David is a firm believer that leadership skills can be learned and need practice, these meetings may focus on a strategic skill such as respectful listening.

One-to-One Coaching

David Norman’s Vistage Group gives each member approximately two hours per month in coaching. This coaching is done one-to-one with David visiting the member’s work location. The sessions often focus on accountability, managing employees, financials or even personal issues. Sometimes, the member has a time sensitive issue that needs to be solved immediately, which gives David the opportunity to help them through the issue start to finish. The ongoing coaching is based on asking questions. It often starts with, “Last month we talked about this. Where are you with it?” The coaching session may evolve into determining solutions to solve that particular issue, which may be directly related to another situation you have been encountering.

These coaching sessions aren’t always about addressing issues; sometimes they’re about celebrating a milestone and reflecting on how your business has grown. David helps these CEOs put together realistic goals and a plan to accomplish those goals.

The main purpose of the coaching group is to allow members to assist each other not only with challenges, but also with celebrations and new ideas.


Exclusive to Vistage members only, are quality keynote speakers and seminars. This form of professional learning is strongly encouraged for all members. The addition of an array of online resources including the sharing of documents, papers and case studies adds another layer to this professional development.

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