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David Norman Introduction

David Norman’s experience offers an innovative approach to leadership improvement within the entrepreneurial arena. His 44 years of management consulting experience has focused primarily around small businesses and creating an environment of accountability. With a hands-on knowledge of many business dimensions including accounting, finance, budgets as well as change dimensions such as succession planning, and the culture of leadership, David has the knowledge to help his clients grow personally and professionally. Because of this, he is comfortable moving between roles as a coach and as a consultant, allowing his members to really see the 360-degree view of their business. You’ll often hear David use the term “carefrontational” which combines both the need to confront important issues but in a caring way.

It is David’s warmth coupled with firm convictions about core leadership skills that makes him a model for leadership. He strongly believes the subset to creating leaders involves listening, asking questions and rewarding people; and provides a safe haven to do just that.

David Norman, holds the designation, “Certified Management Consultant,” from the Institute of Management Consultants, the only accrediting body requiring client references, evidence of successful engagements, and completion of a sitting examination on ethical practices. Click here to see the Code of Ethics adopted by the Institute of Management Consultants on January 8, 1991. David Norman’s practice strictly adheres to this code of ethics.

  • “You have been very helpful and I certainly would recommend you to any colleagues going through the same process. If I haven’t properly thanked you I do so now. You prevented the wheels from falling off several times and I shall always be grateful.”

    - O.O., Doctor of Optometry

  • “I want to compliment you and your team on assessing the situation as well as you did. Your line of questioning was correct and your assessment in all situations seems to have been right on board. The report itself has been an excellent tool for us to move forward in a lot of areas. Thanks for your work here. You have defined a very good path for our development during the first year post-merger.”

    - B.W., Medical Practice Administrator

  • "Thanks so much for your help, encouragement and guidance during our transition. You are a permanent member of our family ... It's easy to respect someone that gives you the respect first ... Words cannot express my deepest apprecation ... you gave us hope and kept us together."

    - Staff Members, Mental Health Agency

  • “The quality of your work was evident from the beginning, and David sharpened our understanding of the issues that will shape us.”

    - Dr. B.W., College President

  • “David facilitated a planning session for the Board, supplemented by an on-line anonymous questionnaire of members, which allowed us to determine our organization's strengths and weaknesses and build not only a plan of action but also consensus in addressing change. Without David's involvement, we would not have made the progress we did in such a short time.”

    - C.B., President of Association

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